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The manufacturing and distribution industry deals with a variety of challenging issues including the ever changing regulatory requirements, legacy contamination concerns from the past, and the demands of multiple stakeholders. EEC experience in supporting this industry is as diverse as the challenges they face. EEC prides itself on providing a depth of resources and “one stop” consulting solutions to this important industry. Whether EEC is supporting Fate & Transport Analysis or performing a stormwater inspection, our team of environmental professional’s goals is focused on maintaining 100% compliance, reducing spend, shouldering the burden of understanding and managing difficult and ever changing regulatory requirements, and working toward site closures when necessary. EEC client base in this section has ranged from international fortune 500 firms to local family owned business passed down from generation to generation. This diversity of experience coupled with our expertise makes EEC a strong and reliable consulting choice.

EEC’s experience has included:

  • Phase I ESA / Due Diligence
  • Subsurface Investigation involving soil, soil  vapor, and groundwater
  • Fate & Transport Analysis
  • Cost to Closure Evaluation
  • Evaluation of funding/insurance for remedial actions
  • Vapor intrusion evaluation
  • Indoor air sampling/air quality evaluation
  • SWPPP for construction or facility operations
  • Subsurface infrastructure evaluation
  • NPDES stormwater compliance
  • Energy evaluation
  • Permitting
  • Facility Audits
  • SPCC
  • Community Engagement

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