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Database Upgrade Pollution Incident Database/Investigation Database

Database Upgrade Pollution Incident/Investigation Database

Project Highlights:
  • Database redesign
  • Evaluate and recommend geographic information system (GIS) to County
  • Incorporate database into GIS
  • Dynamically linked database
  • User-friendly database
  • Updated database reports

EEC Environmental (EEC) revised and upgraded an existing Microsoft Access Water Pollution Incident Database for the County.  The County will use the database to track water pollution events in support of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).  The database stores data from each pollution event and generates reports regarding the events to identify trends such as repeat offenders, impacted areas, and point sources.

EEC created a customized database in Microsoft Access that is easy to use, maintain, and expand.  The redesign included creating a user-friendly interface, developing queries and reports, designing tables and forms that can be easily expanded, and transferring the existing 4,000 records into the new database.  The database was designed so that it can be directly linked and operated through GIS.  At the conclusion of the database redesign, the database will be incorporated into GIS.