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Design/Build Wastewater Treatment System

Project Highlights:
  • Reduction in scope based on feasibility study and cost/benefit analysis findings
  • Original project estimate of $500,000
  • Complete turnkey design/build services
  • Complete compliance with federal and local discharge standards
  • Less waste
  • Less water usage
  • Less treatment

EEC Environmental (EEC) was asked by an aerospace client to bid on an estimated $500,000 design/build industrial wastewater treatment project for a metal finishing facility.  The scope of work required that the new treatment system meet all of the national categorical pretreatment standards and the local discharge standards from the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.

EEC fulfilled the bid requirements, which consisted of system design, installation, start-up, and operator training to treat all of the facility’s wastewater. However, EEC recognized that there were potential options that may not have been considered. Therefore, EEC also provided an alternative bid that consisted of a feasibility study and cost/benefit analysis to determine if complete treatment was necessary or prudent.

EEC was subsequently hired to conduct a $20,000 feasibility study and cost/benefit analysis, which was completed in 3 months. The study revealed that the client only needed to treat 20% of the facility’s wastewater and could minimize waste by 50% through source-control measures and best management practices. EEC completed the project at a total cost of $60,000.

The client is in full compliance with the federal and Sanitation Districts’ discharge standards and the study’s findings. EEC’s recommendations saved the client $440,000 in capital costs and over $200,000 in annual operation and maintenance costs.