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Industrial Pretreatment Permit Wastewater Compliance Support by EEC, compliance inspections

Industrial Pretreatment Permit Compliance Inspections – 20 Permits

Project Highlights:
  • Inspected 20 manufacturing and research facilities
  • Conducted extensive wastewater sampling
  • Characterized wastewater pollutants
  • Conducted comprehensive regulatory compliance audits
  • Evaluated issues related to pH, copper, total dissolved solids (TDS), ammonia, and emerging contaminants

For over 14 years, EEC Environmental (EEC) has provided a major pharmaceutical manufacturing facility with wastewater compliance support for multiple manufacturing and research facilities. EEC has prepared wastewater permit applications for the facilities and helped to ensure compliance with the local pretreatment program.

EEC has conducted multiple wastewater sampling studies and characterized the pollutants of concern. Compliance issues concerning pH, copper, total dissolved solids, and ammonia have all been resolved. EEC also conducted an extensive audit that included compliance inspections of each of the facilities. The inspections resulted in a comprehensive audit report that included over 30 recommendations for improvement.