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EEC Environmental Develops Pretreatment Training Program

Pretreatment Training Program

Project Highlights:
  • One of the largest pretreatment training programs ever developed
  • Trained 20 city pretreatment inspectors over the course of one year
  • EEC developed all training materials and conducted all training classes
  • Hands-on demonstrations, quizzes, and train the trainer included

A City retained EEC Environmental (EEC) to develop and conduct a comprehensive Pretreatment Training Program for the City’s 20 Pretreatment Inspectors and Engineers.  EEC designed and established the workshop focusing on the specific needs identified by the City.

The training required based on the findings of a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrative Order, covered all topics of pretreatment in 12 separate day-long training sessions.  EEC evaluated the City’s entire Pretreatment Program and standard procedures to provide thorough training for each inspector.

EEC provided expert pretreatment program training and consulting throughout the project to allow the City to upgrade their program and conducted a Train-the-Trainer session to enable the City to continue the training in the future.