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Community Engagement and Outreach

Community Engagement

Many of the concepts and practice areas which are the focus of EEC Environmental’s (EEC’s) day to day business are extremely technical and can be difficult to understand. Most of our client and other stakeholders involved in environmental projects do not come from a technical background; therefore, a fundamental component of our job is to present information in a manner that is easy to understand. In many cases, our projects required outreach and explanation with the individuals and large community groups.

EEC involvement with the public has ranged from the distribution of informational flyers to hosting community meetings with hundreds of residential homeowners. As a member of a community hearing phrases like “No Further Action” or “Human Health Risk Assessment” can be unnerving and it is the job of environmental professionals to present technical information and concepts in a manner that is relatable, easy to understand, and most importantly, results in the alleviation of concerns and worries. At the core of community outreach is meeting with the folks and building a level of trust that only closes from a face to face interaction and a handshake.

  • Hosting Public Meetings
  • Distribution of Information Mailers (in multiple languages)
  • Posting of notifications
  • Construction and maintenance of cloud-based and publicly available data repositories
  • Responses to public comments
  • Distribution of visual aids and supporting documentation