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Historical Document Research Services and PRP Identification

Historical Research / PRP Identification

EEC Environmental (EEC) provides sophisticated historical document research services with extensive expertise in historical document research and review, including freedom of information (FOIA) requests and in-depth archival research; historical analysis and report writing; personal interviews; document collection and management; title and ownership identification; and potentially responsible party (PRP) identification. EEC’s expert scientists and staff are able to uncover and decipher the most evasive pieces of evidence and historical documentation to assist clients in identifying the history of a site. By using historical maps, historical aerial photographs, and historical documents, EEC is able to identify the historical nature of a party’s involvement at a site (owner, operator, generator), past land use histories, historical operations, historical chemical usage and waste production, and corporate viability and successorship. With this information, EEC is able to resurrect the past and create detailed and thorough site histories to assist clients with a myriad of issues such as determining liability and allocation of cleanup costs of contaminated sites.