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Stormwater Inspection Services and Environmental Compliance Support

Inspection Services

EEC Environmental (EEC) has developed an inspection platform that enables our inspectors to collect data remotely using a tablet with a loaded compliance application, upload it to the cloud, and then report the results in real time using dashboards tailored to clients’ specifications. By using this state-of-the-art approach to provide compliance inspection services, inspections can be performed more frequently and more efficiently, hence improving the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) compliance assurance for our clients.

EEC believes that what gets measured gets done. Accordingly, findings and recommendations included in the inspection report must be clearly delineated, prioritized, and quantified based on an objective scoring system that is understood by all key stakeholders. The criteria used to score findings vary from facility to facility and depend heavily on the goals of the inspections, but prioritization and quantification are critical to making real progress.