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Municipal Separate Storm and Sewer Systems Compliance Support - MS4


EEC Environmental (EEC) has assisted Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) programs with stormwater compliance for over 20 years. Successful implementation and management of a stormwater program demand a clear understanding of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and MS4 permit requirements and solid teamwork between staff and consultants/contractors. Having supported cities, developers, and industrial facilities with the development and implementation of their stormwater/NPDES programs, and developed multiple LIPs, EEC stands poised to support any city, developer, or industrial facility with their stormwater compliance needs.

Services EEC provides as part of MS4 permit compliances include the following:
  • Conduct Stormwater Compliance Inspections
  • Conduct Investigations of Illicit Stormwater Discharges and Illicit Connection
  • Conduct Inspections of Commercial, Industrial, and Construction Sites
  • Develop Local Implementation Plans (LIPs)
  • Analyze Urban Runoff Treatment Technologies
  • Track and Manage Inspections and Facility Inventory
  • Evaluate Industrial Status Pertaining to Submitting Notices of Intent (NOI) or No Exposure Certification (NEC)
  • Manage Trash Requirements and Trash Collector Best Management Practices (BMPs)