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Vapor Intrusion Support Services

Vapor Intrusion

EEC Environmental (EEC) has been on the forefront of vapor intrusion evaluation and remediation and has been providing services at high-profile vapor-intrusion-impacted properties throughout the United States for more than 15 years. For many years, site assessment and remediation were limited to addressing two primary matrices: soil and groundwater. In the last decade, however, issues related to subsurface vapors and indoor air have come to the forefront of the environmental consulting industry.

This third media of concern, which has become the leading-edge and primary risk driver, is at the center of the regulatory debate and has been documented to be a serious health concern. EEC’s geologists, engineers, and scientists are leading the way to a greater understanding of vapor intrusion concerns and how to support our clients in mitigating these issues. EEC has been involved in projects ranging from the installation of sub-slab vapor depressurization systems to the assessment of soil vapor and indoor air for a residential development of more than 200 homes.

Services & Highlights:
  • Human Health Risk Assessments (HHRAs)
  • Soil Vapor Sampling
  • Sub-Slab Sampling
  • Indoor Air Sampling
  • Vapor Modeling
  • Risk Assessment
  • Proposition 65 Analysis
  • Installation of Sub-Slab Depressurization (SSD) Systems