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Compliance Programs for Oil and Gas Industry

Environmental Compliance Programs for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry Programs

Oil and gas operators are subject to federal, state, and local regulatory requirements during their exploration, production, transportation, and distribution activities. EEC Environmental assists operators with developing, evaluating, and monitoring compliance programs for the oil and gas industry.

Newer technologies enable your oil and gas company to recommission previously capped wells, as well as increase the production capability of new projects. That said, these new technologies are not without new regulations and industry standards for your environmental protection systems.

Regulatory Compliance with State, Federal, and Local Government for Oil and Gas Operators

Regulations seek to reduce the negative effects of oil and gas operations on the environment, the public, and your staff. Where appropriate, regulations may require operators to establish additional preventative controls or monitoring systems to demonstrate compliance with the latest legislation.

Specifically, some states require hydraulic fracturing operations to disclose the chemicals they utilize to the FracFocus registry. This is a joint project between the Groundwater Protection Council and Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. You can find out more information from the government’s FracFocus page here.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees most of the regulations that apply to oil and gas operations. Under the current rules, operators require a BLM bond that ensures funds are available for remediating sites after production activities cease. States apply different bond rules depending on the nature of your operations and the extent of the potential risks you pose to the environment.

Oil and Gas Environmental Compliance Program Requirements

Regulators are under pressure to demonstrate effective interventions for companies that extract energy products. To this end, the EPA published a new portal to assist oil and gas producers to operate in an environmentally responsible way. The Environmental Compliance Information for Energy Extraction (ECIEE) portal gives operators access to the latest set of compliance requirements published by EPA. This includes the New Owner Clean Air Act Audit Program and Air Rules for the Oil and Gas Industry, among others.

Federal and state legislation also requires operators to retain specific records of their activities and provide them to inspectors or enforcement agencies on request. Inspectors visit sites to review your compliance programs and evaluate their efficacy.

Records relating to emissions, pollutant discharge, and other environmental considerations demonstrate the compliance program’s suitability with the permitting conditions. Any breaches in the permitting conditions or failure to disclose incidents to the related regulatory agency could cause you, the owner or operator of the facility, to incur fines and penalties.

EEC Environmental’s Oil and Gas Compliance Program Solutions and Services

EEC Environmental has over twenty years of experience in developing, evaluating, and maintaining compliance programs for oil and gas operators. As this industry presents a significant risk to human and environmental health, you must ensure you comply with every regulatory requirement as stipulated by the permitting agencies.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and effective discharge controls, including monitoring systems, help operators understand your effects on the environment. Permits establish the necessary preventative measures as dictated by applicable legislation.

EEC Environmental’s oil and gas compliance services include:

  • Negotiating permitting conditions with state and federal agencies
  • Air, soil, and water sampling and analysis
  • Environmental impact assessment for groundwater, air quality, and soil vapor
  • Environmental engineering solutions for pollutant containment or treatment
  • Litigation services
  • Design and construction of remediation systems
  • Development of compliance programs during the evaluation, planning, construction, and management of oil and gas industry installations

If you need help with developing a comprehensive compliance program for the oil and gas industry, call our southern California (714-667-2300) or mid-Atlantic (410-263-2234) offices today. You can also complete this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.