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EEC Environmental assists clients in navigating the increasingly complex environmental, health, and safety (EHS) regulatory landscape, with the objective of helping to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, protect the environment, promote employee health and safety, manage potential business exposures and liabilities, preserve clients’ corporate image, and improve clients’ financial performance.  

This is achieved through EEC’s cost-effective EHS compliance solutions offered to its clients whether they are considered small, medium, or large-sized entities. EEC’s staff draws great satisfaction from bringing clients into compliance with all local and federal EHS regulations in an expeditious and streamlined fashion. Once compliance is achieved, EEC can assist its clients to maintain compliance by implementing management systems.  

EEC provides a single source for all of our clients’ EHS compliance services needs. EEC’s staff of highly experienced EHS practitioners includes Professional Engineers, Certified Safety Professionals, and Certified Hazardous Material Managers in addition to scientists and engineers with advanced degrees and proven experience. EEC delivers services across the U.S. to assist clients: 

  • Develop and implement EHS programs to comply with all applicable requirements. 
  • Provide outsourced EHS support on a short- or long-term basis. 
  • Maintain EHS compliance across their operations and facilities. 
  • Perform audits and inspections. 
  • Prepare plans and secure all necessary permits for expansions or new facilities. 
  • Manage EHS compliance reporting. 
  • Create a more sustainable operation with emphasis on the people and planet pillars of sustainability.

Here are some of the many areas in compliance EEC Environmental covers: