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GIS Consultants

GIS Consultants

GIS and Computer Systems Implementation and Integration Services

What is GIS?

GIS (geographic information systems), is the software and technique used by organizations to collect, store, visualize, and analyze spatial data.  EEC’s technology department utilizes GIS to assist the Engineering and Environmental departments with activities such as site remediation, wastewater analysis, sample location identification, modeling flow data and water drainage.

EEC GIS consulting services augment our site development and remediation services with precise geographic mapping, charting and modeling for projects and existing properties.  Our GIS consultants provide the additional visibility and support systems for adequate due diligence and compliance management.

Benefits of GIS

EEC’s Technology Services team consists of highly skilled GIS and database professionals with backgrounds in database management and spatial data analysis.  The Technology Services team has a wide variety of solutions for municipalities, both public and private sector agencies, and private firms including asset management, geospatial analysis and web-mapping, cloud-based data management, workflow automation, computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) services, and customized web application development.

EEC has been on the forefront of GIS technology for well over a decade and has access to some of the industry’s largest players.  As a strategic Esri [partner, EEC utilizes Esri’s latest software and technical support for any type of project needing GIS services. EEC attends multiple leading GIS events including the Esri User Conference, Cityworks Partner Summit, and Esri Developer Summit to keep up to date with the constantly changing world of technology and GIS.

EEC’s GIS capabilities and experience include site selection analysis, the development of impervious surface maps for watershed drainage calculations, area assessment maps development, the development of customized geoprocessing models and scripts for automation, UAV imagery acquisition and analysis, multispectral imagery analysis, wastewater and water network management, and many more.

EEC’s Technology Services team prides itself on delivering innovative, accurate, and timely products and has been praised by many clients for successful project completion.

How to Get Started with GIS

To learn more about how EEC’s GIS and technology services could be beneficial for your business projects, reach out to us today.  Give us a call at (714) 667-2300 or send your queries via the contact form at our website, here.  We look forward to supporting your environmental assessment, planning and remediation needs.

EEC GIS Overview

Since 1995, EEC has been a leading provider of custom geographic information systems (GIS) for public agencies and private clients throughout the United States. EEC’s experience includes managing the development and strategic planning of complex and evolving geographic information systems. EEC works with local government and utilities using industry leading technologies, like ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online, Amazon Web Services, and City works to implement successful long term GIS solutions that can grow and adapt as our clients needs change. Among others, the City of Santa Ana, the Costa Mesa Sanitary District, the Irvine Ranch Water District, and the Irvine Company trust us to maintain, develop and improve their spatial datasets and deployments. Our experience with custom development work, data quality control, database design and database administration, has made us experts when it comes to designing and operationalizing large, complex, public datasets. EEC is a member of the Esri Partner Network and has been recognized for our rapid response and the ability to successfully complete projects under difficult project requirements. Our GIS technology solutions are commonly applied to:

  • Environmental contamination data management & modeling
  • Asset and inspection management and mapping for managing assets over large areas
  • Data management, mapping, and network modeling for utility networks
  • Web-based access to GIS data and implementation of customized web mapping services
  • GPS data collection and correction of existing GPS data