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Stormwater Consulting Services

Stormwater Management Plans

EEC Environmental provides stormwater consulting services to companies and municipalities throughout the United States. Our Stormwater/National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) group works with clients to ensure full compliance with all local, state, and federal stormwater regulations.

Why Stormwater Consulting Services are Important

Stormwater management is necessary to minimize runoff from rainwater or melted snow into streets, lawns, and other sensitive areas. Our stormwater consultants help companies and municipalities minimize stormwater runoff and possible resulting pollution. We develop stormwater management plans for industries and communities to harness and direct rainwater runoff as well as prevent unwanted flooding, soil erosion, and water contamination.

Stormwater Consulting Services from EEC Environmental

We have the experience and expertise to provide stormwater consulting services for industrial facilities and municipalities of any size or type.

MS4 Program Compliance

A municipal separate store sewer system (MS4) is a collection of structures, such as retention basins and pipes, that are used to gather stormwater and discharge it untreated into streams, rivers, and other natural bodies of water. EEC Environmental works with cities, industrial facilities, and developers to ensure that their MS4 programs comply with all relevant regulations and permit requirements.

SWPPPs and Permits

Facilities must develop a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) to obtain the necessary permit for discharging pollutants into bodies of water. We work with clients to develop a detailed SWPPP and ensure that all the permitting requirements are met for every project.


Facilities are required to execute source control best management practices (BMPS) to keep pollutants out of stormwater. If source control BMPs are inadequate, a facility may have to enact advanced BMPS to remove those pollutants. EEC Environmental works with you to develop the necessary BMPs.


Industrial facilities and municipalities turn to EEC Environment for all aspects of stormwater design. We begin with an alternatives analysis to identify all viable options for BMPs, move through a selection of the best options, and continue through the full design process, including all necessary permit applications.


EEC Environmental provides the necessary field inspection services to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and permits. We can conduct on-site inspections for MS4 NPDES permits, as well as construction site inspections for BMPs. We also assist industrial facilities to obtain elevated response actions (ERA) level 1 and level 2 evaluations as required by the California Industrial General Permit.

Choose EEC Environmental for Stormwater Consulting Services

EEC Environmental has provided stormwater consulting services and compliance services for more than 25 years. As one of the top environmental companies in the United States, we employ a team of expert and experienced chemists, engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, IT professionals, and construction managers at our Annapolis, Maryland, and Los Angeles/Orange County locations. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, nationally recognized law firms, and municipalities across the nation.

Contact EEC Environmental today for all your stormwater management needs.